Soft Opening! 🍎 NOLNIR Box!

NOLNIR Box is officially in open beta! I got a lot to talk about so hit that read more for all that stuff πŸ™Œ

Development History

It’s been 2 years since I first started developing NOLNIR Box. During development, I’ve talked about plans of moving from Patreon, settling into a blog that allowed me more posting and formatting capabilities. It’s a huge hassle posting onto Patreon, aside from some other things that have come from Patreon that just made my head hurt. I figured it was time to move on and start developing my own platform by the time the head-hurty stuff started…

The first screencap of the project I showed. The front end was nice but the back end…. :’) hah

Seeing it finally come together after 2 years of messing around feels a little surreal. I’m not good with keeping up with long-term projects so more than often I work on it for a few weeks then shuffle on over to the next project that’s in the works. (I think this is normal? Y’know the whole bouncing between several projects thing. I’m probably making it sound weirder than it actually is πŸ˜…)

Tour video from Jan 2022. This wasn’t the final design. I had plans to open NOLNIR Box earlier this year.

NOLNIR Box was initially going to just be a replacement for Patreon and Ko-fi since that was the motivation for starting the project in the first place, but then I realized it could be a little more than just that. I intend on having a little more fun with this blog than just, “unga bunga, I post, you like.”

Character Intro: Toshie

Toshie [TAH-shee]: The beloved secretary and the manager of NOLNIR Box. She’s a little ditzy, but she’s hardworking and honest. Funny enough, being a secretary and managing the blog is only a side-hustle for her. I wonder what her main job is…

Her family owns a large apple farm. Since she decided she wanted to be a city girl instead of a country girl, her cousin took the reins and now manages the family farm businesss. Of course being so far away from home can only mean feeling homesick all the time. To remedy that, she calls home to ask for a shipment or two of apples for her to enjoy every now and then.

Future Plans for NOLNIR Box

I have plans to exit beta and fully launch NOLNIR Box sometime in Jan 2023. Until then, I will work to improve the site as needed. For now, it’s intergrated with NOLNIR Nonsense and will apply roles when members intergrate their account. The role will mean a lot more once the Discord server opens and I finally get some cool things up and running for it.

Until next time! ✌

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