Unfinished, Miscellaenous Stuff

I never got to finish anything this year…. ? So I’m going to post all the things I intended to finish this year but boy oh boy did time just fly.

Art Books/Zines

I started working on some ideas just to get ahead. I actually wanted to finish one of the zines I had planned for this year, but my schedule wouldn’t allow for it.

Full body artwork for several characters,
halloween zine
Cover for an illustration book
Another character for this illustration book, Comet
Comic for Eva D’Mortley
Clio, illustration page
Spread page for the halloween zine. I planned to have a bunch of text on this spread
Each character in the book has one illustrative page and one comic or doodle page.
Eva D’ Mortley, illustration page
Lolu, illustration page


I started these but didn’t finish them. I like the ideas of them so I won’t completely scrap them; I’ll just rework what I have.

Amia, one of Plumis’ royal guards.
Another illustration where my ideas surpassed my skill level. I learned a lot though!
Drafted this last year. Was supposed to be a desktop wallpaper for June.
These were originally for a concept book. I’ll most likely go through with it in the coming years.
Sidra, I worked on it on stream, but my ideas were too strong for the skill level I was at. I’ll attempt it again sometime soon!
Was originally for a t-shirt. I never had the time to sit down to finish it. Kyri.
Nyatlas. I was cleaning up a concept I had drawn last year
This was drawn 2 years ago. The background was haphazardly drawn on to make the artwork feel more complete, lol


A bunch of other random things I started. Some of them are comics, others are ideas that I had that never came to. I’m looking to rework a lot of these now that I have a better understanding of what I want to put to paper. A good chunk of these things were from 2-3 years ago

Page 1, Redd and the Wolf
Plumis and her royal subjects intro (unfinished)
Original concept, byte.
Cleaned up Byte’s concept a bit
Unfinished redesigns, Nuci and Asterisk
scrapped pattern design… there were too many details to make into a pattern
unfinished doodle, Chronica
Merchandise concepts. scrapped.
unfinished character concept, Samima
Page 2, Redd and the Wolf
Sidra and Navi intros.
Half finished design, Hunter
Concept, Jackal
Merry Navi, unfinished concept
I’ve yet to do anything with this design. Hades, representing Pluto
unfinished doodle, Shinigami
unfinished comic, valentine’s day

I have way more ideas than arms so obviously I can’t complete everything, but maybe my dreams of hashing all these ideas out will come true, lol.

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