What’s NOLNIR Box?

It’s a blog where I post a bunch of in-depth articles and ramblings about my personal works. It also serves as a way for followers to support me in working on my personal projects and illustrative works. Supporting me isn’t a requirement to get all my content as I don’t believe in paywalls to enjoy my works completely. Some sections of posts are blocked off for supporters only, these are extras I’ve set aside for those who are kind enough to support me monthly/yearly.


Mostly early access and some exclusive things but here’s a nice run down:

  • Access to in-depth character design processes
  • Access to drawing processes (1 minute)
  • Access to WIPs and early-access teasers.
  • Early access to my finished works.
  • The occasional freebie
  • Private streams*

There’s a bunch of other stuff included that aren’t on the list, but whatever I feel should be broadcasted to supporters first will always be put here. It’s not guaranteed I’ll post one of each on the list every month, but there will always be at least one thing uploaded every month.

All Early Access-type content will be released to the public anywhere from several months to up to a year later (in some cases I may change my mind and never release them to the public, in that case it’ll be considered Exclusive Access).

*Private streams can only be accessed through the discord server.

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