New Characters: An Unhealthy Obsession with the Paranormal

New characters were added to the website, completeing a series of connected characters. I wanted to take some time to introduce them here!

Childhood Friends: Clio and Trixie

CLIO: An intuitive girl who claims to have a 6th or even 7th sense for the paranormal. She spends her free time researching various inexplicable phenomena in nearby areas, going as far as visiting locations of interest in the middle of the night.

TRIXIE: An artist and photographer who documents whatever she defines as paranormal phenomena. Combining forces with Clio’s research, she runs a semi-popular blog compiling info on phenomena that happen around town.

These two self-proclaimed Paranormal Detectives even run an afterschool cl—uhh I mean—a detective agency. They take inquiries from other students in the school, helping them in their time of need!…..If they even get any inquiries. Who even approved of their club anyway….?

Encounters Along the Way

BASIL: An assumed “problem-child” who’s almost never seen in class. She manages to maintain straight A’s despite her scarce presence.
DOLILA: An introverted kid who usually has her head buried in her notebook during class. She seeks out Clio and Trixie’s detective agency after experiencing several cryptic dreams.

The Concept

I actually had worked on these characters years back and even created a post on Patreon showing off my idea. At that time, I didn’t really have a direction for these characters….

I designed these characters with berries as inspirations.

The two middle characters may get repurposed but they are no longer considered major characters. There’s another series of characters connected to these characters, but I’ll introduce them in a separate post when they finally get proper full body art. :’D

Honestly, I’m hoping for this idea to be fleshed out into a visual novel game or at least in the style of a visual novel game, but having little experience with them, I don’t just want to jump in a make one. This one might take a bit as I want the story to be told in a way that would suit the medium I’m trying to work it into. I might see myself falling into a rabbit hole soon, and the results of it mighhhhht be reflected on my personal blog. haha

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