Character Intro: Nephelle and Misty

I recently finished a new illustration with characters I’ve only shown in passing at some point. I wanted to talk a little more about them here, and even show off the process video for this illustration.

Twin Phenomical of the skies, Nephelle

Nephelle is a “Phenomical,” a lesser god of nature. These nature lesser gods aren’t exclusive to any single world or parallel of a world; they can either carry out their roles in any world or have another version of themselves in other parallels of a single world. There can be an endless number of phenomicals, but the ones I introduce are significant enough in their roles that they need a little more than just a visual representation.

Nephelle (2021)
Aella (2021)

Nephelle and her sister, Aella, are protectors of the skies aided by their guardians, Misty and Breeze respectively. I don’t have an image of Breeze, but Misty is in the new wallpaper I’ve painted.

Misty shares the same halo as Nephelle as a symbol of their association.

The Process Video

I mentioned earlier that I recorded a process video for this artwork. I also managed to pull up the original concept of the artwork as well as the new thumbnail and sketch.

Original wallpaper was going to feature Aella and Breeze.
Thumbnail concept
Cleaned sketch
One minute process video, not including the thumbnail or sketch processes.

I had a lot of fun with this piece but it proved to be a challenge once I got to the rendering part of the process. I definitely want to practice more so I don’t get cold feet when it comes to rendering an illustration…. I guess that’s what this blog and my YouTube channel are for!

Until Next Time!

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